Hurricane Fitness

Up Close And Personal

Our One to One training program is the sure fire way to aggressively target and reach your fitness goals, whether it be burning off excess fat or building muscle, looking in the mirror will never be the same again!

We are now running a brand new half hour session! You get all the work of an hour session but crammed into just a half an hour of your day. Ideal if you don't have much free time to spare or just want a small taster of how Hurricane Fitness will work you!

For all prices and extras included with our training packages, please consult the table below.

One to One Personal Training Sessions



  • 1 x Personal Training Sessions
  • -
  • £15
  • 5 x Personal Training Sessions
  • £140
  • £70
  • 10 x Personal Training Sessions
  • £250
  • £100
  • 20 x Personal Training Sessions
  • £400
  • -

Package Extras

  • Free Gym membership
  • Body Analysis
  • Free
  • £5
  • Access to Supplement Discounts
  • Tailored Fitness Programme
  • £5